It was such a great weekend!!
I am so glad I did not do any practice riding on gravel roads until I took your course
It is certainly a quick way to become confident in off road riding
Your progression is good for a beginner like myself
and in retrospect I became a way better rider in just 2 days
It was a life changing experience for me and for that I thank you forever
best wishes

Hi Don, My thanks to you for sharing your expertise in a way that was practical and effective. In no other way could I have learned what I did. My reluctance to try some of the obstacles was entirely based on my level of fatigue – which was a reflection of my fitness. Next time I’ll be in better shape. Having said that, perhaps a topic you might explore with your students is how to recognize fatigue and how to deal with it – what to refocus on. Your Dakar experiences will have made you expert on this. Not to try to bring us to your level, but to share some of your experiences and concepts.

Thanks again to you and Natalie for your hospitality.



Don, it was the most fun I had on two or 4 wheels for along time. Learning new skills has always been my passion and I would loveto be able to adventure ride better, and pick up enduro riding before I get too old!  😉 Please let me know when you put on a enduro class, or another adv ridingclass and I’m definitely interested in coming over again.



I had about three years of riding experience before taking the two day training course with Don. I thought I had been doing very well, my partner and I had managed to see a lot of Vancouver island on dirt roads, around Cowichan Lake, Gold River to Woss, Nitinat Lake and Carmanah Valley. I had been riding a DR650, and had no problems. Earlier in 2015, I downsized to a XT 250, and everything changed. What was easy before, was now not. I had dumped my next to new 250 three times, on terrain I had managed on my DR. I was getting quite annoyed, nervous and almost ready to throw in the towel.

In July of 2015, we took Don’s course, and I can’t say enough about the experience of the course, and the riding since then. On Don’s approach, he is genuine. He oozes enthusiasm, and is so very supportive – without being pushy. He takes whatever time is needed to help get that student where he or she needs to be.

The refreshments and lunches were delicious which just made the whole experience that much better. I even managed to come home with fresh Beets, Carrots and corn purchased from Natalie farm stand.

Since the course, we have ridden similar terrain as before, even more single track in fact, and it was no problem. I felt confident and comfortable. We’re planning to do the Washington BDR summer 2016, and a three month off-road trip in 2017. I don’t think this would be the case, had I not taken Don’s training. I have the confidence in my riding abilities, and skills to do what I need to do to enjoy riding off-road. Thanks Don and Natalie!