April 13 – 14 2019


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Product Description


There will be lots of saddle time, much of it in the Cowichan valley mountains. The groups are small so you will have lots of instructor attention. We will take the time you need to learn and understand the drills and concepts in the course and apply them in your riding. It’s a shared goal,  for you to become a competent off-road adventure rider, so you will be able to ride your own adventure. Training includes actual mountain roads and trails, You will have an adventure ride on some of the island’s most beautiful trails and back roads.

Cancellation of booking by the customer:

Once you have booked a course date, all requests for cancellations must be in writing and sent by either post or email. Upon receipt either of a letter or email requesting cancellation,OFF-ROAD SKILLS CANADA will acknowledge said cancellation within 5 days. Until the customer has received this confirmation the original booking remains valid.
The customer will be charged on the following basis:
29 or more days prior to the event start date – 20% administration/overheads fee.
Up to and including 28 days prior to the event start date – the fee is not refundable or transferable.
During the course, if a customer is unable to continue with training, for whatever reason, no refund of the course cost will be given.

Off-Road Skills Canada reserves the right re-schedule course dates when necessary.